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Georgia Softworks

Telnet Server for Windows

RFID, Bar Code Scanners, Windows Telnet and Windows SSH Server

Industrial Quality Telnet Server and SSH Server for Windows-  Meets Requirements of the Most Demanding Commercial Environments.

The Georgia SoftWorks Universal Terminal Server (UTS) is the industrial quality core software foundation that provides the performance, reliability, consistency and powerful features supporting the suite of GSW server products including the GSW Telnet Server for Windows, the GSW SSH Server for Windows, the Session Administrator and numerous remote access utilities.  GSW UTS includes the telnet server, the Session Administrator and full suite of mobile clients at no extra cost. SSH2 can be added as well as FIPS 140-2 compliance. Windows is transformed into a truly multi-user environment with the GSW UTS.  Remote administration, full support for DOS Legacy applications, superior user control will allow RF Terminal environments to perform exceptionally well.

For Windows Mobile Devices, RF, Barcode, & Data Collection Devices

  • GUI Configuration Tool – Provision and manage user configurations with the new Windows Explorer style GSW GUI Configuration Tool
  • Team Services – Share, Swap, Transfer and Recover sessions – All client based, under 60 seconds
  • Session Monitoring/Shadowing – Remote View, Control the session
  • Yes – Even if  all users have the same User ID and you are using DHCP you can STILL  Shadow with GSW Team Services Share!
  • Multinational font support including Chinese GB font
  • SSO through NTLM and Kerberos
  • Secure Certificate Based Logon – Safe Fast and Secure based on User’s Digital Certificates
  • Logon Scripting – Global, User, or IP based
  • True Client Side Printing – Print to the most convenient printer – up to 9 per user!
  • Comprehensive Utilities Pack including File Transfers, Remote Reboot, configurable port number etc.
  • GSW Mobile Clients (Windows CE 4.2+, Mobile 5+) included at NO extra cost!!! Tremendous Savings
  • Automatic upgrade of GSW Clients from GSW UTS Server
  • IPv6 Support, Server and Clients
  • Virtual Machine Support – VMWare, ESX, Microsoft HyperV
  • Windows 7, Server 2008 R2, VISTA, Server 2003, XP, 2000, NT. 64-bit and 32-bit editions.
  • Great with HighJump, SAPConsole, QAD and other enterprise software, barcode, RFID, warehouse applications.

Direct Support for SAPConsole – Telnet Server for Windows, SSH Server for Windows and RTE

Over 2000 sessions on a Server – It’s True! View Screen Display!

GeorgiaSoftworks Telnet Server